We exist to bring beauty and wellness closer to everyone, through years in the beauty and healthcare industry, our founder, Cas Yap with unbelievable passion in beauty and healthcare has been giving education to people from all over the world in hopes to open up an opportunity to them to seek beauty and good health. She understands that by just providing education is not enough as good products are hard to come by and is at sky rocket price.

After years of planning, she realize that by making affordable and result-driving products more accessible to everyone, opening up the opportunity for everyone to truly seek for beauty and good health. In order to make that a actuality, she came up with sales and marketing strategy, offering extremely good products for a very reasonable price and rewarding plans to Pharmonique’s customers for sharing the products.

Pharmonique is definitely the first of it’s kind to offer affordability with their product and attractive rewards to referrers who are willing to share products they benefited from to others as it helps to make Pharmonique’s mission no longer a fantasy but a reality. With this, the dream to make affordable and good products more accessible is just a foot-step away from becoming true!

“Beauty and Wellness is a gift from god and our mission is to make his job easier”

“Beauty and Wellness is a gift from god and our mission is to make His job easier”

Ms Cas Yap
Founder of Pharmonique Group